Our Rating Standards

100 Made in Canada 100% Made in Canada

This product was manufactured in Canada. Purchasing Canadian-made products directly impacts the country’s economy and enriches our communities. Canadian manufacturers must also adhere to strict health and safety regulations and high labour standards.

Canadian Company Canadian Company

This product was purchased from a Canadian-based company. In some instances, the product may have been manufactured or assembled elsewhere, but is distributed by a Canadian company.

Organic Organic

This product was made in whole or in part with third party certified organic materials. Buying organic products supports individuals and companies that are dedicated to sustainable, non-toxic methods of products.

Natural Natural

This product was manufactured in whole or in part using non-toxic materials/ingredients such as cotton, wool, wood, or glass. Natural products contain no or low amounts of synthetic or made-made materials/ingredients.

Sustainable Sustainable

This product was made in whole or in part with recycled (or recyclable) materials or derived from sustainably harvested forests and may be biodegradable.

Green With Joy Excellence Green With Joy Excellence

This product exceeds Green With Joy’s safety and environmental standards. The manufacturer is also committed to responsible, respectful fair labour, and human rights practices. These companies may also make an outstanding effort to give back to both local and extended communities. Their stories are nothing short of extraordinary.

Waste Reducer Waste Reducer

This product reduces waste by, for example, replacing a disposable option with a reusable one or through manufacturing processes that divert waste/packaging from the landfill.

Money Saver Waste Reducer

This product is reusable and/or multi-use. Typically, this product will help you save money over the long term, either by replacing disposable items or by extending the life of the product.